Do you remember the first time you held your newborn, that surreal feeling of holding a breathing life in your hands was something that you have never experienced before. It was like the world came to stand still, and in that moment you only had eyes for your new born. Surely the feeling never left you, you could still close your eyes and feel the warmth of your child, now imagine capturing this priceless moment in a frame, that would serve as a sheer reminder of your motherhood. 

       I, Esther would like to capture those beautiful precious moments of you with your child. They’re fragile, innocent, adorable, delicate and above all cute. The only problem is that they grow in a flash, before you know it your baby would be crawling and taking his/her first steps, so now is the time to book a photography session for your loved one. These captured moments would remind you of how you felt for the first time, it would serve as the trip down the memory lane to the most precious recollections. For your child it would serve as a reminder of how close he was to you. 

       Motherhood is all about cherishing every moment with your child and I would love to help you turn these moments into everlasting memories. 

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